Dollar Store Deals

Posted by Kate Luttenberger, Member Experience Specialist on Oct 25, 2017 12:32:10 PM

CFCU is here to help you save money on expenses with purchases you can make at the dollar store!

  1. Greeting cards
    • Whether you’re buying cards to put on birthday gifts, or cards that will be filled with money for wedding or graduation presents the dollar store is the way to go. Buying cards from big box stores can cost you $3- $5 per card, the dollar store will usually only run you about 50 cents per card.
  2. Party supplies
    • From vinyl table covers to streamers, dollar stores are the place to stock up on party supplies for any occasion. When my son graduated, I found it easier (and cheaper) to buy the individual table covers, rather than buying it by the roll. Plus, dollar stores have many different colors to choose from.
  3. Gift bags, boxes, wrapping paper, and bows
    • Dollar stores are a one stop shop when it comes to all your gift wrapping needs. They have an array of gift bags and wrapping paper in various styles, themes, and sizes. You can even get the scissors and tape while you’re there!
  4. Seasonal décor
    • Decorate your home guilt free every holiday season by buying your seasonal décor at the dollar store. Each season comes with decorative items that will keep your house looking festive all year round.
  5. Hair accessories
    • With three girls in the house, all with thick curly hair, we are constantly losing or wearing out our hair ties. I have found that the dollar store has a nice assortment of good quality hair accessories that help keep our manes tame.
  6. Vases and decorative bowls
    • The dollar store is a great place to buy vases and decorative bowls all year round. They usually have a nice selection for each season, so if you’re looking for a spooky bowl to dish out your Halloween candy in or a festive bowl to serve the thanksgiving mashed potatoes (and you won’t be sad if it gets left behind) the dollar store is your go to spot!
  7. Utensils
    • I personally love their kitchenware section. Whether I am taking a dish to pass at work or planning a picnic in the park I know I can get nice serving spoons, and if they don’t make it home I’m not out much dough.
  8. Balloons
    • The dollar store has a wide variety of mylar balloons for nearly every occasion, and at only $1 you won’t have to choose just one!

While you can get some great deals at the dollar stores, be sure to check quantity and quality of the products you’re purchasing. For example; you might think that buying a 4 pack of Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue for a dollar at the dollar tree is a good deal, but you can buy a 9 pack of double rolls at a department store for just under five dollars. To make quality and quantity comparisons easier you may find it beneficial to find a dollar store where everything is truly just a dollar.

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