Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Posted by Lynn Brahmer, Member Services on Jul 9, 2014 3:42:01 PM

Do you remember the good old days of driving to the credit union, either waiting in line to talk with a teller or gift_of_timein your car at the drive-thru? I do, and it’s not necessarily a fond memory.  

Now I do all of my banking online; most of it on my phone.

In just the last week, I:

  • transferred money from savings to checking while in line at the grocery store
  • confirmed that my paycheck had been deposited - yeah!
  • paid two bills while waiting in line for the car wash.

All thanks to mobile banking.

When I discovered the convenience of mobile banking, my life changed. I’m not kidding. It really did because there are all kinds of things I don’t have to do any more, including:

  • drive to the credit union
  • walk out to my mailbox to pay a bill
  • buy stamps (I don’t write letters any more but that’s not because of mobile banking)
  • worry about a late or missed bill payment
  • wonder how much money is in my account.

All but a couple of my friends use mobile banking and love it. Those that don’t either just haven’t checked it out (honestly, they just don’t do well with change) or have second thoughts about how secure it is.

Here’s the truth: mobile banking is really secure and uses all the latest bells and whistles to protect your information. In fact, the information isn’t even actually on your phone so if you lose it, you don’t have to worry about someone hacking in and quickly accessing your financial secrets. Just be smart about it - use a good password (not just your cat’s name or 1234) just like you would for any site you frequent.

Actually, using online banking offers you greater security because you can keep an eye on your finances from anywhere, at any time. This gives you a lot better chance of catching problems when they happen rather than finding out later and having to fix it after the fact.

And dealing with change? Wouldn’t you do anything to make your life more efficient and have more time to do the fun things in life? The rewards of mobile banking far, far outweigh any negatives you could possibly think of.

Except for maybe one. My dogs loved the treats they got when we went through the drive-thru, but you know what? I can hand them one at home while on my phone, taking care of my banking errands. My time is just too valuable.

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