Skimmers: What Are They and How Do You Protect Yourself

Posted by Tiffany Watkins, VP Risk Management & Compliance on Dec 12, 2018 2:44:14 PM

What is a skimming device?

When it comes to protecting your identity and personal information, you can never be too careful. Thieves are placing realistic looking overlays on top of actual card readers so that when you swipe your card, both the skimming device and merchant terminal are reading your card information. They often use hidden cameras, laptops, or cell phones to record the PIN. The criminals usually leave the devices on the machines for short periods of time and then pry the device off and use the recorded information to create fake debit or credit cards, withdrawing thousands of dollars from accounts. You are vulnerable wherever you use your plastic cards. Catholic Federal Credit Union members are not liable for fraudulent transactions on their accounts.

 How Do You Protect Yourself?

  • Inspect the card reader before inserting your card. Since skimmers are usually only on the machines for a matter of hours, they are often loosely attached. If there are loose parts, scratches, or something doesn’t seem right, DO NOT use the machine. Contact the financial institution right away, as well as law enforcement.
  • Cover the keypad as you enter your personal information number and complete your transaction.
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If it’s Too Good to be True… It Probably Is!

Posted by Tiffany DeGarmo, VP Risk Management & Compliance on Mar 26, 2015 4:05:06 PM

Have you received a congratulations email on winning the lottery?  Or maybe one is claiming that your long-lost relative in a foreign land needs help getting back to the United States?  How about a phone call from a ‘bill collector’ or a letter in the mail notifying you of a balance owing that must be paid or the police will be at your door?  There are multiple ways this communication can be sent and received, but a common theme amongst them all is they want you to send them something – money!  Maybe not right off the bat, but eventually these scammers will either gain your trust or scare you into giving them enough personal identifying information to do real damage.

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